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by Aw0

how awsome it iz. my last critique 4 2day! here it goes. vision=sad :( your vision (from moi point o view) was that you were trying to e...

by Aw0

i only critiqued you once before so here it goes. your vision was ok, this is a very worn out topic but it seems you livened it up a li...

by Aw0

thias is my first critique so ok. i think that your artwork piece is amazing. i love how you uses extra lines to make it seem indefinan...


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Soul Eater Emma watch, now you can't forget.Why are you obsessed with "Austin and Ally"? Oogy is a dog with one ear. Hannah Rich is an awsome artist and singer!!!!! Natalie moment. Brave iz awsome. I want to grow a garden. Katness Everdeen is awsome. TeaM Peeta. Simply Naked Pita chips for Olivia. What kind of mind set do you have to be in to make that kind of name? In cooking, you don't cook anything. Strip poker is on my mind for some reason. (don't judge me). Don't read the sentence before this sentence. In fact, this story is really terrible so just don't read it at all. I like trains. Mine turtle. I'm doing an internet. well i'm going to do a book *oh* )':. pointless butten. person: gotcha nose. cop: LOOK OUT HE HAS A NOSE!!! *bang* *bang* *bang*. -hony, why is the baby on fire? -BUY ME MORE JEWLEREY!!!. i am punching your salad. i am a ste-go-sourous. -See what i mean!?!?. For Abby, One Direction cronographie. i'm a barn girl. horses are awsomely high matenince >_<. do you like cheeze, my brother would ask that. I have a deviantART :D. My username is "soleatrcharchar123". my avitar says "IT'S NOT SYMETRICAL!!". Please comment (Hannah, Olivia, Sean, Kendal,). (Phoacce-Cell5). (Anyone else who goes on my page or is reading this right now). Pasta. Any Pasta. Northern italy likes pasta he has the voice of DTK. Hetalia. I like Pasta. Death Note. Strawberries. Apples. Spain. Strawberries. L. Prussia is the "G" word. i'm not going to say it :P. sealand is a real country. (if you didn't think so, lilylellama will tap you on the top of the head with some sheet music.) I hate you! Die! Randome Soul Eater lines. The word is bravery! (spoiler :o).  The situation isn't cool at all. Rome. Brutus. ceaser is dead. Romano. John Wilks Booth. Lincoln. Assasanation. Assasains' rule #1.... 24 hours. Dark. Deep and Dark and Dangerous. The Ghost of Cutchfield Hall. Mary Dowing Hahn. Mark Twain. Obay your parents, when they are present. Turtle in paradice. To kill a mockingbird. The Far Side Gallery 2. Soul Eater Emma watch, now you can't
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